Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Pinafore

Simply put, a pinafore is a pretty and accessorized version of an apron. Also known as a "pinny" in Britain it was historically worn over dresses to protect them. Typically, they are sleeveless and may or may not have a sash or tie at the waist. Pinafores are easy to take on and off so they can be slipped on quickly and removed to be washed. Above are two very famous pinafores that maybe we have overlooked.

Imagine a baby or child exploring their world by touching food, toys and mouths. We've all reached down and grabbed that chubby, sticky little hand that at some time had probably been wiped on the new party dress or special holiday outfit. Aha! That is where the pinafore comes in! It is a stylish and functional piece that should be reintroduced into every child's closet.

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